PRESS RELEASE: Rep. Jacky Rosen speaks to Members of Make the Road Nevada 7-5-18

For Immediate Release:

Rep. Jacky Rosen speaks to Members of Make the Road Nevada about her Recent Visit to the Border

LAS VEGAS, NV— Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) welcomed Jacky Rosen, Congresswoman for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District who spoke about her recent trip to the border, she states she was able to witness first-hand the effects of the Trump Administration’s family separation policy.

“I visited the center and it is clean, but what concerns me is that they have no legal representation, they (children) don’t know where they are going, they can only make two 10-minute calls a week and they have a lot of anxiety. We have to keep Trump’s administration accountable for their actions and we need to work with Congress, to approve solutions for our immigrant families”

These remarks were made to members from Make the Road Nevada a week after Representative Rosen’s visit to the U.S- Mexico Border where she toured Tornillo, the detention center where the administration holds immigrant children who are separated from their parents. Members also asked key questions to Congresswoman Rosen regarding the dream act, resources for the Puerto Ricans that arrived in Nevada after Hurricane Maria and other immigration concerns.
“I like that Congresswoman Jacky Rosen came to talk to us and that I had an opportunity to voice my concerns about immigration, I look forward to seeing her write laws that protect DACA students and to play a role on removing ICE from enforcing racist and anti-immigrant laws.” – Mario Wolthers, Member of Make the Road Nevada

“When we ask your office to do more, than social media, than speeches on the floor it is because these members have asked us to do more and when you win your senate race we need you, again, to do more.” – Leo Murrieta, Director of Make the Road Nevada to Congresswoman Rosen

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