PRESS RELEASE: NV families Denounce Trump’s Attack on Birthright Citizenship 10-29-18

For Immediate Release:


Nevada families Denounce Trump’s Attack on Birthright Citizenship

Las Vegas, NV President Donald Trump has once again threatened immigrant families. In an exclusive interview with Axios news, Trump announced plans to issue an unconstitutional executive order that would look to eliminate birthright citizenship. However, families and immigrant advocates in Nevada are not losing sight of what is important and that is to continue taking people to the polls.

Jason Cebreros, Member of Make the Road Nevada:

“I was born in the United States after my mother left her country to give me a better life, a quality of life that I wouldn’t have had if my mother had stayed in Mexico. Listening to Donald Trump’s interview is really upsetting, but my family refuses to roll over on our backs, we will fight as hard as we can, and we will be working to get Latinos out to vote harder than ever before!”

Make the Road Nevada Director Leo Murrieta:

“This is nothing new, we knew two years ago during the last elections that Donald Trump was looking to trample over the constitution and the rights of Latinos and immigrants in this country. Two years later and this President and his party have thrown immigrant children in cages, they’ve ripped babies from the arms of their mothers, they’ve sought to penalize immigrants for providing vital resources to care for their children through this Public Charge rule. This President craves attention when he believes his political allies, or his political party are in danger, so it’s no coincidence that this comes out one week prior to election day. It won’t work this time. Latinos in Nevada refuse to be disrespected like this and I assure you that they will turn their sights on Nevada’s political cronies, Nevada is not for sale and we will not tolerate their rhetoric.”

Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) builds the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, and transformative education.

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