Friday, October 25, 2019, The parking lot in front of the Make the Road (MRNV) offices was filled with princesses, ghosts and superheroes, all waiting to get their share of the candy loot! Over 100 community members and their families joined us to celebrate our first ever Halloween Trunk or Treat. Our plaza’s parking lot featured a giant spider, a mermaid in a pirate cove, and a hive of bees! Along with the decorated trunks, our youth leaders put on a frightening haunted house in our suite 14 office. Kids, parents and grandparents alike ran out screaming.

During the event, we had additional activities for the children of all ages. The kids got the chance to win baked sweets at our musical chairs station, where the competition was tough. As well as different craft stations, where they got to draw sugar skulls, jack o lanterns or decorate pumpkins for a chance to win a chocolate arrangement. The winner of the trunk decorating contest was our proud member, Angelica, with her Spider Car! The winner of the raffle was Jessica Burciaga and won a $25 Starbuck Gift Card. 

We would like to thank the following folks for participating in the trunk decorating contest:

  • The Animal Foundation 
  • PPRM promotorxs de salud 
  • Angelica winner 
  • Autumn 
  • Maria C and her Family 
  • Adam
  • Asadero food truck
  • MRNV political team
  • Kathia Sotelo and Family 
  • Omega Delta Phi
  • Insurance 4 you
  • Acceleration academy



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Oct. 12, 2019 This past weekend was the 22nd annual Pride Parade and Festival, and as part of the community, Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) was there to support and share some of the work we do. Along with sharing information, we were doing face painting, LGBTQ trivia, and selling are limited edition Pride Shirts, with all the proceeds going towards DACA scholarships. 

On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, celebrating Pride was important for our community. As we continue to support and fight for equal rights and dignity for the immigrant community, we remember the loss of Roxsana Hernandez two years ago, a trans woman from Honduras, while under ICE custody. Rosxana was fleeing the discrimination she was facing in her home because of what she identified as. While seeking asylum, she was taken into custody at the border, but was neglected and incorrectly housed, and eventually passed away. 

We got to share information on some of the most influential activists in the LGBTQ community, from Las Vegas and past leaders of the struggle for equal rights, through our trivia game with sweet candy prizes. It was a great way to celebrate the long fight for equal rights and the continued struggle by the LGBTQ community.  If you would like to get involved or get more information on services for survivors, contact us at info@maketheroadnv.org or join us at our weekly meetings Wednesdays at 6 pm. 


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Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019, Two years after the mass shooting at the Route 91 Festival has changed our city forever, the impact of this horrific event continues to ripple through our community. The evening was filled with emotions as the Make the Road NV offices began to get filled with survivors, their families and community members gathered for a vigil in honor of the victims of the tragedy. Survivors spoke about their experience and their recovery, reverends came and shared thoughtful words, and mental health professionals from Silver State Health Services spoke on the work that has been done to aid in the recovery of the survivors. In addition to the vigil, survivors were treated to a day of healing with relaxing and restorative activities. 

During the day, a group of survivors filled our office which was converted into a healing space, with low lighting, calming music, and soothing scents. There were opportunities for the survivors to speak with counselors and professionals from Silver State Health Services. Along with counseling, messages, energy crystal healing treatment, guided breathing and restorative yoga were offered as more opportunities to heal. It was important for us to offer a safe space for the group of undocumented survivors that don’t get the chance or lack the resources to perform healing activities in their daily lives. Especially, because for some of the survivors the date resurfaces a lot of the trauma that was endured and has been repressed. Bryan, one of the younger survivors that was working the event the night of the massacre, mentioned that he continues to struggle with large crowds. 

Make the Road Nevada and Silver State Health Services, formerly Bilingual Behavioral Services (BBS) were some of the only organizations to provide support for the undocumented workers at the festival. The undocumented workers were not being provided health services or included as an affected group. After two years and several actions outside of the Sheriff’s office, many of the undocumented survivors are well in the process of receiving their U-Visas. Although there is a silver lining to shooting, we can’t forget the victims and the trauma that was caused. 

We would like to thank Planet Protein, Viva Las Arepas, Silver State Health Services, Kenevision, Shalom Rasa, Natalie Jasper, Laura Arteaga, Monika Misklewicz, Rasa Jordan, Kate Lynn Davenport, Perla Sanchez, Jennifer Carillo, Margarita Romano, Adam Berger, Ruth Carillo, and Penny James for helping make such a painful day for the survivors into a day to heal. If you would like to get involved or get more information on services for survivors, contact us at info@maketheroadnv.org or join us at our weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 6 pm at 4250 E. Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas NV 89110. 

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