A Journey to Self Love

As Latinx heritage month comes to an end, we learned more about our heritage. We reinforced our values, culture, and self-expression through engaging with our members to celebrate our Latinx community.

“Our cultural knowledge is key to a journey of self-love and respect; I found myself gaining a love for my culture and my people throughout this journey of self-discovery. (Salma, an MRNV Digital Organizer.)

Throughout this month, we explored and uplifted the Latinx community ranging from food, culture, and the Latinx identity. Highlighting the underrepresented communities that aren’t as acknowledged by the Latinx community. Our goal is to remind our brothers and sisters that although we all range in colors, we are still a beautiful family.

“We encourage everyone to love who they are. Your curly hair is beautiful. Your dark skin is beautiful. Your African culture is beautiful.” – (The Latinx community is colorful and beautiful)

We invite you to learn more about the Latinx community on our website and continue to follow us for more: