Indigenous Peoples and the Latinx community

Indigenous: the people who originated from a certain place who are not settlers or migrants.
The Indigenous people of the entire world have been subject to violence, hatred, and marginalization by the settlers who later came to their land. In the Latinx community, a sense of shame has surfaced when it comes to identifying as indigenous. It has become an insult that offends people when being indigenous should be seen as a strength. The Indigenous peoples of the world have endured, have suffered, and yet have been able to survive and thrive in a society that has worked to silence and ‘ethnically cleanse’ the communities.

Trails of tears and beaches of blood have tainted the histories of Indigenous communities, and yet, prosperity and justice continue to drive them. Their languages live, their arts live, their hearts live, their traditions continue.

Colorism and anti-Indigenous behaviors not only damage the community in the social sphere but also take away from our own self-respect and self-love.

Creators of calendars, skilled craftsmen and women, culture builders, architects, astronomers, mathematicians, warriors, Indigenous peoples are these things and so much more. They paved the way for our cultura, for our food, for our clothes, and for our communities. We know the fight isn’t over nor is it fair, but with our acknowledgment of our heritage and our ancestors, we take the first step in fighting the injustice faced by the Indigenous communities and stand with the courage and strength Indigenous people carry and have shown throughout history.

This Latinx Heritage month we have explored and uplifted the many different aspects of our cultures and we choose to uplift our Indigenous brothers and sisters because they are the founders of our cultures. We are strong.

We are unapologetically Latinx.