How can our general community members get involved to ensure that their neighbors and loved ones are being taken care of by healthcare providers who genuinely care about their patients? 


The answers to these questions do not solely lie on the laps of elected officials. Like most things in life, it takes a village. It takes folks who care to take to the streets and advocate for the things they need in their communities. Access to grocery stores with fresh food, access to specialized medical professionals, accessible medical information in native languages, all these things and so much more come into play when our gente’s health is in question.  

Folks who live in urban areas, near highways, or in traditionally underfunded areas of cities are oftentimes the same folks who do not have access to fresh food or specialized medical professionals in their areas. Health equity is a complex topic that directly impacts people of color. The solutions cannot come without the community’s involvement.

General Vaccination

These are our realities, but what can we do? Uplift the voices of the community who are directly impacted by health inequity, elected officials who actually grew up in the areas they are representing so they can act on the things they personally know are missing in their communities. When we get folks into power, we must hold them accountable.

Cost of Living

Working a full-time (40 hours/week) job at Nevada’s minimum wage of $9.75 provides a gross annual income of $20,280. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as of 2019 the living wage (the amount an individual in a household must earn to support themself and/or their family) for a single adult was $28,643, for a household with one child that amount grows to $60,709.

Medical Costs

The Guinn Center published a report in 2019 that found that 14% of Nevada’s state population was uninsured, with the “uninsured population…comprised primarily of young adults, Latinos, the less educated, workers, and lower-income individuals.”

Nearly one in three uninsured individuals in Nevada is a non-citizen.

Almost 63% of Nevada’s uninsured population is employed.