Currently in Nevada there is no law that requires private sector employers to provide employees paid or unpaid sick days. Many employers do grant it as an important benefit and if they do it is important that they state it in their employee handbook.


Q & A

Why are Earned Paid Sick Days important?

Earned paid sick leave not only makes working people’s lives better, it makes our communities stronger and in turn, our city or state a better, more attractive place to live and work.


Would this affect businesses?

By providing paid sick days, a small business owners can cut down on the high cost of turnover and loss of productivity, while creating healthier families and communities.


What if people take advantage of the system?

National surveys show that most people who have access to earn sick days rarely use all the time available to them – in fact most people usually use only half of the time off they have earned


Who doesn’t have paid sick days in Nevada?

According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, an estimated 487,869 private sector workers in Nevada, or 49 percent of the workforce, cannot earn a single paid sick day to use to recover from common illnesses or seek medical care.


The problem in our community is a real one, our families are face with tough decisions everyday. Our families can’t be forced to make the impossible choice between taking care of their children or parents and their incomes.