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On November 30th 2017 we opened our doors and in this short time, together with many passionate members, we have accomplished various victories. Make the Road Nevada has been the support team for more than 100 survivors of the Route 91 mass shooting, one of the biggest shootings in modern U.S. history. Following hurricane Maria, we were the first organization to welcome Puerto Ricans fleeing the island and helped them with the many struggles encountered after migrating to Nevada. Many DACA recipients in the community rely on us to keep them updated with the latest information, give them guidance and assist them with them with their renewal fees when needed.

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Together we are fighting for:

Paid Sick Days

We are fighting to pass a paid sick leave law so that all workers in Nevada are not forced between going to work or taking care of a sick loved one all because they cannot afford to.

 Increase the Minimum Wage

We are fighting to increase the minimum wage.The current minimum wage is only $8.25 an hour and we know we need to make at least $18 an hour to be able to afford a two bedroom apartment in Nevada.

Affordable Housing

We are fighting to pass legislation in the state to secure stability to the housing markets across the state as new, higher-end companies such as Google, Tesla, Amazon, begin to gentrify neighborhoods across the state.

A Strong EPA for Healthy Families

We are fighting for a strong Environmental Protection Agency which was created to protect American families from toxic, dangerous pollution in the air we breathe and the water we drink. But it’s now under assault by President Trump and some members of Congress. A weak EPA will mean more asthma attacks and other health dangers for our kids; and more cancer, heart disease, and strokes for all of us.

Immigrant Justice

Many counties in Nevada have entered an agreement with ICE and when people are detained for a minor traffic violation, police officers are be able to identify and process them for removal. We believe that a traffic stop should not result in a detention center that carries out deportation. This aggressive action creates fear in our communities and crudely separates families.

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