PRESS RELEASE: Trump Deploying National Guard Across Southern US Border 4-6-18

For Immediate Release
April 6, 2018

Make The Road Nevada Issues a Scathing Response to Trump on deploying National Guard Across Southern US Border

Las Vegas, NV –

The last month in particular, the Trump Administration has been in high gear, issuing executive orders and other far-reaching directives with regards to immigration. Earlier Wednesday, Donald Trump signed a proclamation deploying the National guard across the 1,933 mile southern border of the United States.

This decision completely disregards the facts: 40 percent of those apprehended at the border are families and children, who are not able to evade detection and instead seek out US officials to request asylum. Additionally, US Customs and Border Patrol is the largest law enforcement agency in the entire country. Our constituency of immigrant communities across Las Vegas and Nevada at large is firmly opposed to the notion that the national guard should be deployed for the purpose of immigration enforcement. It is as costly as it is dangerous. We implore Governor Sandoval, as many others are doing, to use his power as commander of Nevada’s national guard and do our part to stop this foolishness on the part of the President.

“This proclamation by the President to mobilize the entire national guard and use them as border enforcement is not only a waste of taxpayer dollars, but places us in danger of being below capacity to respond to real threats in our home states. This willingness to waste taxpayer dollars in order to advance his xenophobic agenda and further militarize border communities is an international embarrassment. When I am asked about this by the students I work with, how can I respond? There is no logic or statistic that justifies this.”

Mario Wolthers, Student Aid for Disabled Students, MRNV member leader

“As immigrant communities have found their voices protesting this President’s aggression, we also recognize that a dangerous militarization of the border using the national guard will waste millions of taxpayer dollars. Despite Trump’s ludicrous claims of uncontrolled borders, unauthorized migration at the southern border is at a 46-year low. Across the southern border region, Border Patrol agents are apprehending less than two unauthorized immigrants per agent per month. Beyond creating flashpoints for confrontation at border communities, this will leave the National Guard severely below its capacity to respond to national emergencies. Make The Road Nevada condemns this foolish and dangerous proclamation by President, and continues to mobilize for dignity and justice in immigrant communities.”

Leo Murrieta, State Director of MRNV

Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) builds the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, transformative education, and survival services

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