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March 1, 2019

2020 Presidential Candidate Julian Castro Holds a Roundtable with Members of Make the Road Nevada

LAS VEGAS, NV Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) welcomed Julian Castro, presidential candidate for 2020, former mayor of San Antonio and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Castro spoke about his priorities if elected as President of the United States.

“I believe we need leadership that says, everybody counts in the United States… I am going to work so everyone has paid sick leave because I believe that it is important for our families, in the end our businesses are going to be stronger if your employees are able to take paid sick leave, so they can take care of themselves and be healthy when they are in the job”- Julian Castro

These remarks were made to members from Make the Road Nevada at the roundtable. Members also asked Castro key questions regarding the controversial program 287(g), education, earned paid sick days and resources for the Puerto Ricans that arrived in Nevada after Hurricane Maria.

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Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) along with the Time to Care Nevada (TCNV) coalition went up Carson City Lobbying for Earned Paid Sick Days.

Monday February 18 was an exciting day for MRNV members as they, and other partner organizations, joined the TCNV coalition in their fight for earned paid sick days. The morning in Carson City started with a press conference in front of the Nevada State Legislative building where families made a rallying call to legislators on the importance of having earned paid sick days for Nevada’s working families. Our members held “Get Well” balloons and handmade “Get Well” cards. After the press conference, our members went into the Legislative building to find their representatives and deliver the balloons and cards. As elected officials, these politicians have a duty to listen to the concerns of their constituents, listen to their personal experiences, and to make laws that address these issues.

Setting up meetings with Legislators during this very busy day was tasking, but after 4 hours and some determination, we were able to meet with 12 elected officials. Each meeting took place at their individual offices thoughout the 4 story Legislative building. They each sat down with constituents from their district and really listened to their stories. Our members urged their elected officials to support the upcoming Earned Paid Sick day bill introduced by Joyce Woodhouse. Members attending included single families who discussed how difficult it was when they got ill and were forced to miss work, and thus go without pay, leaving their families financially insecure and not knowing how they were going to pay for groceries for that month. They also shared stories of being unable to take proper care of their children when they became ill or help them recover from an injury because they were forced to go back to work as soon as possible in order to not miss a much needed paycheck.

These stories are all too common for working families in Nevada. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, an estimated 487,869 private sector workers in Nevada, or 49% of the workforce, cannot earn a single paid sick day to use to recover from common illnesses or seek medical care. Even one day without pay can prevent a family from affording the rent, a medical co-pay, or an electricity bill. Earned paid sick days not only makes working people’s lives better, it makes our communities stronger and turns our state into a more attractive place to live and work. Employers that offer earned paid sick days help keep our families and communities healthy by reducing the spread of illness and disease that can occur when people go to work or school sick. Currently, only four states require employers to provide paid sick days to their employees (California, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Oregon). It’s time Nevada becomes the fifth state to pass this economic justice for working families across the state!



View some highlights from our first trip to Carson City this Legislative Session below:


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Make the Road NV and @time2carenv are urging legislatures to take action & allow families to receive one of the most basic workers right of Earned Sick Days. Working families without any access to earned paid sick days, forces hard working Nevadans to choose between missing a day of work & pay to take care of themselves or a loved one. This simply isn’t right! We’re fighting for workers to be able to earn one hour of sick leave for every 26 hours worked. This would give a worker who puts in 40 hours per week 10 paid sick days a year. The proposal would kick in after 60 days on the job. Everyone gets sick but not everyone has the time to get well! Working families need this justice! #nvleg #esd4nv

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MRNV has Earned Paid Sick Days as a top priority of their 2019 Economic Agenda. Next month MRNV along with TCNV, will be making another trip to Carson City next month to testify in front of legislatures. If you or a person you love have been personally affected by not having Earned Paid Sick Days in Nevada and want to join in on this movement for Justice for working families, please contact us info@maketheroadnv.org


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 Las Vegas, NVToday, President Trump has declared a state of national emergency shortly after signing a bill that includes billions of dollars in funding border militarization. Trump declaring a national emergency is a threat to our country’s democracy, and a desperate attempt to receive money for his racist border wall.

Leo Murrieta, Director of Make the Road Nevada, issued the following statement:

“Once again President Trump has forgotten about the real issues that our country faces, his decision to declare a national state of emergency in order to take tax payers’ money for a border wall is an abuse of power. Trump’s blatant disregard for the very foundational pillars of our constitution just so he can attack immigrants and asylum-seekers is inexcusable. Congress should use their power to put an end to this recklessness.

Democrats in Congress handed the President increased funding for immigrant detention, border militarization, and played right into his plans to terrorize immigrant communities. If it were their families in danger or facing the kinds of threats, they just agreed to, maybe Congressional Democrats would have thought twice and fought harder to protect the American public from this President’s tirades. They must act now, stand up to this tyrannical President and block his actions swiftly.”

Additionally, the bill that was signed increases detention beds, militarizes our border, and does not block the administration from moving money from other important programs. Our immigrant families will continue to get attacked. We are counting on Congress to reject Trump’s declaration and stand up for all the people of America.”

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On Thursday, February 7 community members from Las Vegas together with Make the Road Nevada and Arriba Las Vegas Workers Center stood outside of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s (LVMPD) headquarters to demand that Sheriff Lombardo end the deportation agreement the department has with U.S immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom showed his support by saying that the county should not be destroying families and aiding Trump’s deportation machine.

It all came after civil rights groups filed an open records request with Sheriff Lombardo’s office. The purpose of filing an open record request was to receive answers about the controversial 287(g) agreement. 287(g) is an opt-in federal program that uses state and local police forces to detain people suspected of being undocumented immigrants, giving ICE an opportunity to take custody of the person and potentially initiate deportation proceedings. It is important to note that this agreement can be terminated at any time by the Sheriff of the county. Five days after the request was made, the only answer received was an email from LVMPD asking for 30 days to compile the information.

Community members are anxious for the results in this request as this will uncover the truth about the real collaboration between LVMPD and ICE.

287(g) Small Victory “A Step forward”

After standing outside of the department’s headquarters last week, LVMPD’s lobbyist, Chuck Callaway, said the department will be changing its policy in regard to how undocumented immigrants with low-level traffic offenses get processed. According to reports, Sheriff Joe Lombardo has directed the jail to implement new procedures related to 287(g).

Our fight to eliminate 287(g) does not end here, this is just a step forward that will make our immigrant community feel safe while out driving or just walking in the street with their families. Many questions remain unanswered to fully understand LVMPD’s collaboration with ICE. We must also rebuild the trust between immigrant communities and law enforcement, and we believe LVMPD’s 287(g) agreement must be eliminated in order to do so.


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 Las Vegas, NV – The community in Las Vegas, Nevada gathered at the Make the Road offices to watch President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union speech. During his almost 90-minute address, Trump once again continued his attack on immigrant families and claimed that undocumented people are responsible for “reduced…jobs, lower wages, overburdened schools, hospitals that are so crowded you can’t get in, increased crime, and a depleted social safety net.” It is difficult to take Trump’s call for unity seriously after elevating these rhetorical attacks against immigrants.

Leo Murrieta, Director of Make the Road Nevada

“Watching this speech, I was reminded of the importance of our work. Make the Road is rooted in the knowledge that everyone, no matter where they were born, should be treated with dignity and respect. In his address, President Trump said that he believes in the importance of immigration reform, but then he used terrible, isolated incidents to paint immigrants as crazed, violent criminals saying, “Year after year, countless Americans are murdered by criminal illegal aliens.” According to the facts, undocumented immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes, violent or otherwise, but we know that facts don’t carry much weight with this administration. We urge Congress to hold this administration accountable and defund his hateful agenda.”

Adam Berger, member leader at Make the Road Nevada

“President Trump has had years to bring this country together, but instead he has chosen to divide the country across every single line. If Trump wants to convince the country that he actually cares about unity, then he can start by no longer using government workers as political pawns, reuniting the immigrant families that his administration has ripped apart at the border, and stopping his use of political wedge issues like telling women they can’t make their own health decisions.”

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Make The Road Nevada Unveils their 2019 Economic Justice Agenda

Las Vegas, NV – Over the weekend, Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) celebrated their one year anniversary. Since day one, they have focused on building power in the Latinx community. In their one year celebration, the organization not only highlighted their first year’s victories together with DREAMers, Route 91 survivors and Puerto Ricans in the community, they also mentioned their priorities in the upcoming legislative session.

“We will be fighting for earned paid sick days, because our families are important and when our kids or other spouse get sick we need to be able to take time off. Other important issues are, increasing the minimum wage, updating the state’s DMV systems to transfer  drivers’ licenses from U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico, affordable housing and tenant rights, and providing professional occupational licensing regardless of legal status”, said Leo Murrieta, executive director with MRNV.

Members of Nevada’s Congressional delegation as well as state and local officials also made an appearance at MRNV’s celebration where there was more than 300 attendees, offering supportive statements on issues like paid sick days and others that concern families in Nevada. Congressman Steven Horsford mention that families should consider their health and their children’s health as a priority and that earned paid sick days will allow this for families. Congresswoman Dina Titus was also present and gave thanks to Make the Road for helping the community on issues that concern them specially under the current administration.

MRNV  is part of a larger family of Make the Road organizations on the east coast. Today, these organizations are at the front lines of the resistance to anti-immigrant federal attacks, and local and state efforts to raise wages, defend immigrant rights, and advance racial justice policies.

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Make the Road Responds to Rumors of Trump’s “Deal” to Fund his Racist Border Wall

Immigrant leaders from CT, NJ, NV, NY and PA denounce a supposed “deal” from Trump and call on Congress to reopen the government right away

In response to rumors that Donald Trump will offer to extend protections to Dreamers in exchange for funding for a border wall, Make the Road organizations in Connecticut, New Jersey, Nevada, New York and Pennsylvania issued the following joint statement:

“Across the country today, immigrant women and their allies are marching to demand that all our communities be treated with respect and dignity. Meanwhile, Donald Trump appears poised to make yet another push for his absurd and unnecessary border wall.

Donald Trump is not offering a compromise – he is continuing to hold federal workers and the American people hostage in his ridiculous efforts to fund a border wall.

Trump is the one who ended Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) programs, jeopardizing millions of immigrants and their families. He has no right to use us as a pawn in his political games.

We call on Congress to reject any border wall deal from Trump, and to reopen the government right away. Congress should pass legislation to protect Dreamers and TPS recipients, but not in exchange for a racist border wall.”

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Make the Road Responds to Trump’s Threat to Declare a National Emergency at the Border

Las Vegas, NV – Immigrant leaders from Nevada, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut denounce Trump’s latest attack on immigrants and effort to undermine democratic institutions

In response to Donald Trump’s declaration that he might declare a national emergency at the border, the Make the Road organizations in Nevada, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut issued the following joint statement:

“In an effort to undermine Congress and continue his anti-immigrant racist ploy, Donald Trump is lying to the people and manufacturing a fictitious national emergency. Trump cannot turn the military into his own personal company to build his absurd, racist, expensive border wall.”

“The real crisis is the fact that immigrant children are dying at the hands of ICE and CBP, the families that have been separated at the border, and the 800,000 federal employees and their families whose paychecks and livelihoods are being held hostage. The only crisis at the border has been caused by this administration’s cruel policies towards children and families.”

“Not one dollar should be given for Trump’s wall, or his out-of-control deportation machine. The Senate should pass the bipartisan House bills to reopen the government, and Trump should come to his senses and end this government shutdown.”

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Part of our job at Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) is to get other people to support the Las Vegas community on issues that they care about and for them to get to know the hard working families in Nevada.

A couple of weeks ago we had the honor of welcoming Spotify who brought Latin recording artist, Sebastian Yatra to our office. He sat with many of our members in a circle and got the chance to know them. Some of our members shared their experiences of being an undocumented worker of the Route 91 music festival, one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern America. Sebastian Yatra listened to their stories and showed great support. Watch the emotional video below:

Our organizer Bianca, retells her experience with Sebastian and our members:

“Sebastian Yatra came in and brightened up the room with his smile, giving everyone hugs and kisses right away. Our members at Make the Road NV were so happy because a well known young man had entered their safe space, a place that they have started to call their second home. As Sebastian warmed up to everyone and things quickly got very serious and emotional as he asked our members to share their stories not knowing that more than half of the people in the room where survivors from the October 1st Route 91 Music Festival.

He sat with us and listened attentively as they talked about the tragedy. Moving lifeless bodies, being affected by PTSD, and how some are still not able to cry. A member spoke with a knot in her throat trying not let the emotions out, she felt weaker than everyone else because she hasn’t been able to move on and is still having to go to therapy. Sebastian came in with the perfect answer, validating their feelings but also letting them know that one terrible experience should not define them and that there are a hundred other things to smile about. As a special “Thank You” we presented him with our official Make the Road NV tote bag, shirt and hat. Welcoming him as an honorary member of our organization. Sebastian quickly put the shirt on and wore it with pride looking like he was part of the Make the Road familia all along! He then serenaded us with his new song, putting smiles on all our members faces. We invited him to end our meeting like we always do as a strong latinx organization with the unity clap. Right away he was all for it! Almost as if he was the energy of the group!”

After the shooting, victims involved were able to receive medical and mental health services from the state. Because these survivors were undocumented, many of them were being turned away from these important services and some were too scared to ask for assistance for fear of deportation. MRNV was instrumental in helping the undocumented survivors of the Route 91 shooting receive help and were the leading organization in assisting them receive U-visas which are granted to Victims of Criminal Activity.

Make the Road Nevada recently celebrated their one year anniversary and we continue our commitment of fighting for Dignity and Respect of our community in Nevada. Being able to get these survivors a U-Visa’s was one of the many victories we accomplished in this short time. Read more about the “The Forgotten Route 91 are Finally Being Heard” here

Spotify is a music platform that was able to captured these great moments with Yatra and our members of Make the Road NV.
Watch the full video on the Spotify’s Viva Latino playlist here!

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Contact: info@maketheroadnv.org

STATEMENT: A New Era for Nevada Politics

“Lifting up the voices of working families has been one of the biggest victories throughout this election,”
says Make The Road Nevada Director

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — The results are in and Nevada voters have brought on the most significant victory for progressive elected officials and policy in recent history. Despite the constant attacks to our immigrant communities, Latino voters responded by going to the polls and demanded a better quality of life and to show that no matter what happens, they can’t be intimidated. Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) spoke to 74,513 voters of color so that we can build a political system that represents us and the issues that are important to our families.

Mario Wolthers, Member Leader for MRNV
“All year, we spoke with voters of color about the importance of supporting working families and ensuring that all Nevadans earn a living wage that keeps food on the table and their families in their homes. I hope every elected official who won office in this election knows that Make the Road is here to make sure you fulfill your promises to our families.”

Leo Murrieta, Director for Make the Road Nevada
“Unprecedented midterm voter turnout among people of color has brought amazing
victories for progressive politics. The Latinx community has proven that they demand
representation that treats their families with dignity and respect. This election dwarfed
Nevada’s 2014 midterm voter turnout during early vote and election day, our state
should be proud of this amazing turnout. When Nevadans vote, the issues that our
families care about get heard in Carson City and Washington DC.”

Make the Road Nevada (MRNV) builds the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, and transformative education.

Download the PDF here

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