PRESS RELEASE: Trump continues with his rhetorical attacks against immigrants



 Las Vegas, NV – The community in Las Vegas, Nevada gathered at the Make the Road offices to watch President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union speech. During his almost 90-minute address, Trump once again continued his attack on immigrant families and claimed that undocumented people are responsible for “reduced…jobs, lower wages, overburdened schools, hospitals that are so crowded you can’t get in, increased crime, and a depleted social safety net.” It is difficult to take Trump’s call for unity seriously after elevating these rhetorical attacks against immigrants.

Leo Murrieta, Director of Make the Road Nevada

“Watching this speech, I was reminded of the importance of our work. Make the Road is rooted in the knowledge that everyone, no matter where they were born, should be treated with dignity and respect. In his address, President Trump said that he believes in the importance of immigration reform, but then he used terrible, isolated incidents to paint immigrants as crazed, violent criminals saying, “Year after year, countless Americans are murdered by criminal illegal aliens.” According to the facts, undocumented immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes, violent or otherwise, but we know that facts don’t carry much weight with this administration. We urge Congress to hold this administration accountable and defund his hateful agenda.”

Adam Berger, member leader at Make the Road Nevada

“President Trump has had years to bring this country together, but instead he has chosen to divide the country across every single line. If Trump wants to convince the country that he actually cares about unity, then he can start by no longer using government workers as political pawns, reuniting the immigrant families that his administration has ripped apart at the border, and stopping his use of political wedge issues like telling women they can’t make their own health decisions.”

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