Our Story

Make The Road Nevada is a non-profit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our family of organizations hail from the east coast, where they have changed the face of community organizing in immigrant communities and become an immutable force for good. The states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania all bear the fruits of our work, and it is time for Make The Road to make the difference in our communities in the west coast.

Our vision for Nevada begins with building a strong grassroots foundation in Las Vegas and it ends with elevating the power of working class immigrant communities in every community around the state.

We do this by Informing, Empowering, and Mobilizing our community to take action on important issues that directly affect their families and loved ones.

Meet the Team

Leo Murrieta


Murrieta is the Director of Make The Road Nevada. Arriving in the United States when he was seven-days old, Leo grew up in Naked City, the community next to the Stratosphere. He has dedicated much of his professional career to efforts that make our community a better place. Having been involved with youth, Latino, LGBTQ, and education equity public policy and advocacy for over 12yrs, Leo brings his experience to Make The Road Nevada. Leo is the favorite uncle to eight smart and wonderful nieces, husband to an amazing human, and proud dog dad.

Blanca Macias

Operations Director

Blanca Macias was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and comes to our team with a decade in management and leadership roles which have prepared her for her next chapter in her career as the Director of Operations for Make the Road Nevada. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her wife and family.

Organizing Team

Jen Fleischmann Willoughby

Organizing Director

Jen Fleischmann Willoughby joined Make the Road as the Organizing Director after years of running political and policy campaigns in Nevada and across the nation. She is passionate about using grassroots and relational organizing to build lasting power among underserved communities. When not working, Jen enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter and can never say no to a good book.

Jose Macias

Lead Organizer

Jose Macias, Lead Organizer and Youth Program Manager for the Youth Power Project: Jose brings over 10 years of experience organizing for electoral, civic engagement, youth, workers’ rights, and immigrants’ rights campaigns in Las Vegas. He ran field and get out the vote programs for multiple local and congressional campaigns and continues to be a leader on the fight for a living wage. His years of community organizing taught him that engaging and educating youth, immigrants and the working class is an essential component of strong communities.

Audrey Peral

Economic Justice Organizer

We are proud to have Audrey lead our “Familias Unidas” committee, where discussions with Nevada’s working families are held for and by them! Her work doesn’t end at MRNV, As a proud UndocuGrad, she also plays a vital part of Undocunetwork, a student organization at UNLV to help undocumented students have access to and succeed in college.
Audrey is passionate about creating a better and brighter future for her Son and community.

Felipe Silva

Housing Justice Organizer

Originally from El Paso TX/Cd. Juarez CHI border area Felipe Silva has been living in Las Vegas for over half his life. He is currently the Housing Justice Organizer for Make the Road NV. He is passionate about Immigration, Education and Communities of Color, especially Spanish speaking ones.

Maria Castillo

Small Business Organizer

Maria Castillo serves as the Small Business Organizer for Make the Road Nevada (MRNV). A community organizer at heart, Maria has been active in Nevada politics since 2010, organizing and leading campaigns centered around immigrant’s rights, women’s rights, and criminal justice. A native of Southern California and 3rd generation Mexican-American, Maria has called Las Vegas home since 2001 and is a mother of 5 and proud Nana to 3 little angels.

Maria Rebolledo


Maria Rebolledo is 18 years old, and a proud Latina. She started with MRNV as canvasser where she became a field manager and is now our follow-up organizer. Coming from an undocumented family, She loves fighting for our community’s justice!

Rico Ocampo

Youth & Programs Organizer

Rico Ocampo was born in Morelos, Mexico and immigrated to the United States in 1992. As an undocumented/DACAmented community organizer and activist,  he has engaged in local, statewide, and national platforms to advance advocacy and justice for homeless youth and immigrant communities. In 2016, he was selected to lead Camp Anytown’s Social Justice and Leadership program. Through his 10+ years in youth development, he remains passionate about anti-racism work and amplifying youth voices. 

Political Team

LaLo Montoya

Political Director

LaLo Montoya, the Political Director at Make The Road Nevada, has been organizing for immigrant and workers rights since his sophomore year of high school. He loves having the opportunity to lift up the stories of the most impacted members of our community in the NVLeg and ensuring MRNV members can become civically engaged. His passion is seeing people step into their own power and advocating for themselves, their family and their community.

Ashley Garcia

Deputy Political Director

Ashley Garcia is the Deputy Political Director at MRNV. She is a proud daughter, sister, cousin, tia and friend. Her family values included prioritizing my education, inclusiveness, and respect for all walks of life with a sprinkle of laughter through rough patches. Being born and raised in Nevada she believes it is her responsibility to nurture a state that is often over looked. Her biggest motivator is knowing that change only happens if you are an active participant in our democracy.

Natalie Hernandez

Deputy Political Director

Natalie Hernandez is the Co-Deputy Political Director at Make the Road NV.
Natalie has been organizing since 2011 after our nations unfair and inhumane immigration laws tore her family apart. She realized that she could help create change simply by talking with friends, neighbors and her community. When not working, Natalie enjoys spending time with her adorable niece and nephew, binge watching “The Office”, and traveling.

Bianca Balderas

Political Organizer

Bianca Balderas is the Political Organizer and former Follow Up Organizer for Make the Road Nevada and founding member. She is a 21 year old with crazy curly hair and has been organizing since 2016. Her passion is uplifting community members especially the Latinx community to get involved by becoming an activist in as many ways possible to better the community everyday. Aside from finding new ways to control her hair she enjoys being a makeup artist once in a while, traveling and spending time with loved ones.

Communications Team

Janette Mata

Communications Director

Janette Mata brings with her a background as a multimedia journalist in the city of Las Vegas. She is in charge of the communication and digital department where she strives to uplift the stories of the members of Make the Road Nevada. In her free time she enjoys to travel and be with family.

Robert Cabrera

Digital Organizer

Robert Cabrera was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and has been working in the  graphic design field for several years for clients in Southern Nevada, California, and Arizona. He has a passion for visual storytelling through any media and is excited to be able to share our members’ experiences of empowerment while shining a light on injustices to create a positive change in the city he grew up in.

Hector Fong

Communications Intern

Born and raised in East Las Vegas, Hector Fong is the son of two immigrants from Mexicali, MX. He was the first person in his family to go to college and only the second to finish high school. He was blessed enough to be a citizen, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to empower the immigrant community he grew up around as he continues his education at CSN, majoring in Political Science.

Autumn Achrem

Communications Intern

 Autumn Achrem, a Communications Intern with Make the Road Nevada, was born and raised in Las Vegas. She has 8 years of Graphic Design experience, and is currently going to school at the Art Institute of Las Vegas to earn a bachelor’s degree. She has been painting for over 11 years, and dabbles in whatever art medium she can get her hands on. Baking, glass etching, wood burning, leather working, interior design, costuming, and cosplay make up some of the hobbies that take up her free time. She has a twin brother, a loving boyfriend of 3 years, and is a proud mom to her cat, Maple.

Canvassing Team

Lue Ortiz

Canvas Director

Originally from Orlando Fl, Lue is passionate about amplifying the voices of those in our communities who otherwise wouldn’t be heard, and dreams about working towards an inclusive society for all of our people worldwide. He has faith that people power will prevail, and with people like him as a part of the Make the Road family, we know we can make that a reality!

Suri Mendez

Assistant Canvass Director

She started her journey with Make the Road NV as a canvasser Outreach Specialist and since then she has continued to grow with here. She’s an activist, mother of two, and a strong community leader.

Jennifer Ordaz

Field Specialist

Jenny Ordaz is a canvasser at Make the Road Nevada. She’s proud to say she works for immigrant rights; coming from a family of many struggles she’s here to make a change.

Valeria Villasenor

Field Specialist

Valeria Villasenor was born in Washington state and moved to Vegas when she was young. She is passionate every day to help out our people.

Salma Garcia Hernande

Field Specialist

Salma Garcia Hernandez is a canvasser with Make the Road Nevada. Born in Tijuana, Mexico, she was brought to the United States as a child. Now she is a proud DREAMer, and passionate about immigrant and women’s rights.

Lizette Ponce

Field Specialist

She’s a proud first generation Mexican American. Her passion and drive is to successful in the place her parents came to after their homes in Mexico for a better life.