The Road To Environmental Justice

Environmental injustices are severely impacting Nevadans and their everyday lives and health. The current system has failed to represent low-income families and has failed to provide resources.

We at Make the Road Nevada are demanding for the fair treatment and involvement of this community. As the people who are impacted the most, low-income and POC groups deserve to have a say in environmental matters and deserve a healthy quality of life.

These groups are the most likely to live in areas that don’t meet the federal government’s safe air quality standards, which exposes them to harmful pesticides in the air and water they consume. 

Some of the other environmental injustices that are impacting our community include but are not limited to: inadequate access to healthy food and inadequate transportation.  

Without Environmental Justice, many people are made to be victims of the plans and ambitions of the top percent. 

Our Achievements

  • The EROS Project: The EROS project is a campaign which focuses on street vendors such as our community’s eloteros, paleteros, tamaleros, and more. Our campaign provides them with accessible resources like bank account connection, mobile payment applications, and more. Our goal is to give voice to thousands of our community’s essential workers who deal with environmental challenges such as extreme heat caused by the heat island effect. 
  • Our Involvement With the Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition (NEJC): The NEJC is a state-wide coalition, and we are a part of the executive leadership committee within it.  
  • Our Membership With the Environmental Justice Committee of the Hispanic Caucus: We are members of its subcommittee.
  • The Breath Free Nevada Report:  In collaboration with other organizations, we helped create this report, which documents how environmental injustices impact low-income Nevadans. For more information, please visit their website.

Our Goals

Environmental Justice Resources


If you have any questions about Make the Road Nevada’s Environmental Justice campaign or need any assistance, please contact our Environmental Justice organizer, Jose Rivera at