One of our greatest accomplishments was helping undocumented folks who were working the Route 91 festival on October 1, 2017—one of the deadliest mass shootings committed in the United States. Our help and our partners’ help varied from emotional support to legal assistance. Many undocumented survivors started the U-Visa immigration process with the hopes of something good coming from this immense tragedy.


The Road to Health Equity

Health equity means every community member has equal access and opportunities to quality health. However, factors like poverty and discrimination make it difficult for some communities to thrive.

People who live in urban areas, near highways, or in traditionally underfunded areas of cities are oftentimes the same people who don’t have access to quality living, such as access to fresh food or specialized medical professionals. 

At Make the Road Nevada, we work hard to remove obstacles for these community by providing reliable and accurate resources to these communities. We also advocate for access to specialized medical professionals and accessible medical information in native languages.


COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments


Community Contacts to Fight COVID-19 Disinformation


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