One of our greatest accomplishments was helping undocumented folks who were working the Route 91 festival on October 1, 2017—one of the deadliest mass shootings committed in the United States. Our help and our partners’ help varied from emotional support to legal assistance. Many undocumented survivors started the U-Visa immigration process with the hopes of something good coming from this immense tragedy.


The Road To Immigrant Justice

The United States administration continues to target and criminalize immigrants of color; this hostile and difficult environment prevents immigrant communities from thriving and earning basic rights. Unfortunately, immigrants are exploited and forced to live in the shadows, unable to access services like healthcare, education, and legal support.

Our number one goal is obtain a pathway to citizenship but until that’s achieved, we want to help our immigrant communities become stronger. We strive to build leaders who can create real changes within the immigration system, and we strive to maintain a strong arsenal of resources for our members; this includes having people who can assist on legal cases and provide legal guidance, fundraising for DACA, and more.

If you have any questions about Make the Road Nevada’s Immigrant Justice campaign or need any assistance, please contact our Immigrant Justice organizer, Rico Ocampo at


Professional License Reform

In 2018, we helped pass AB275—one of the most bold and progressive bills in the 2018 Nevada Legislative Session; this bill helps undocumented immigrants who were unable to obtain professional licenses due to their immigration status.

Before AB275, many professional certifications required a social security number. After the bill was passed, applicants were now able to use a tax payer identification number as a social security number alternative.


Deportation Defense

In 2021, The Clark County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to allocate $500k over 2 years to free legal assistance for people in deportation proceedings. 

With the passage of AB376 in the 2021 NV Legislature, Make the Road Nevada and the Nevada Immigrant Coalition have secured 1 million dollars to aid in deportation defense in Nevada.


DACA Application Fees

We have helped over 65 DACA recipients renew their DACA applications, but we still have more people who need our help. The costs for renewal fees can be expensive, leaving many to struggle to afford their renewal.

Since 2019, we have been able over $32,000 in monetary relief. Please consider supporting other DACA recipients with your donation.