Immigrants in this country are at risk and are inhumanely torn apart every day. This administration continues to target and criminalize immigrants of color. The environment that’s been created around the treatment of immigrants it’s only making it harder for these communities; Employers are exploiting immigrant workers and local police are discriminating against them. Many feels like they are living in the shadows unable to access services like healthcare, education and legal support when a deportation situation arise.

United States has a deportation system that is not fair, it detains immigrants in any location, they have limited access to legal services and information. Make the Road Nevada’s goal is to help this immigrant communities become stronger and help build their power. We strive to build leaders that can-do real changes in our immigration system. We have a strong connection with useful resources for our members including those who can assist on a legal case and provide legal guidance. DACA has benefit approximately 13,000 DREAMers in Nevada. When the government announced the program would end, we guided and supported many of the people that would be affected by the change. We worked very hard to fundraised for those who didn’t have the money to renew their DACA.

We will continue to provide guidance and help our community protect their rights in this country.

Road to Immigrant Justice...