Make the Road NV (MRNV) and the Puerto Rican community in Las Vegas have been working together in the fight for Puerto Rican justice. Since Hurricane Maria, the people of Puerto Rico have not be shown full support from the US government, leading to a continuous struggle. The lack of disaster aid shown to Puerto Rico, prompted us to take action and organize the Puerto Rican community, many of which have recently relocated to Las Vegas after the hurricane. We have stood by Puerto Rico’s side, beginning with disaster aid and standing up to the Trump administration when relief funds were diverted to pay for ICE detention centers, and also fighting to cancel the illegal debt the island acquired. On September 20th 2018, MRNV along with the Puerto Rican Association of  Las Vegas held a fundraiser Puerto Rico 1 Year Later to raise awareness to the much neglected island.

We began our involvement with the Puerto Rican community in Las Vegas, by holding  bi-weekly community meetings in conjunction with the Puerto Rican Association. The community had the opportunity to share some of the issues that affected them and plan community-led actions in response. One of the issues that was resulted in action, was how Nevada is the only state where driver licenses from US territories, such as Puerto Rico and Guam, do not transfer, making all of those licensed drivers require to start the process from the beginning. This prompted the push for  senate bill 396, that would treat those licenses like that of every other state. Other actions have been held, from meetings with representatives, such as US senators Jacky Rosen and Catherine Cortez-Masto, to protests to cancel the debt. MRNV is proud to stand by Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican community in Las Vegas.

Road to Puerto Rican Justice...