Katie Hawley

Co-founder of Youth Power Project | 2019 to Present

“I really love planning meetings, and seeing how that content inspires our members to advocate for themselves and their peers. I would absolutely recommend YPP to others; it gives young people a platform for their voices to be heard and taken seriously.”

Econia Mandefero

Youth Power Project Fellow | 2020 to Present

“Coming in, I was timid, had poor communication skills, and felt my opinions didn’t matter. The Youth Power Project gave me a place to freely express my opinion and thoughts, build my confidence, and work alongside many unique like-minded individuals. YPP prioritizes young voices and gives us the resources we need to be vocal on issues that directly impact us or things we are just passionate about.”

Mia Albright

Youth Power Project Fellow | 2020 to Present

“The Youth Power Project has given me an inclusive, friendly environment to learn and grow as a person alongside my peers. With the tools I’ve gained from participating in YPP, I’ve been able to understand and participate in democratic processes and make a difference in my community. I’ve spoken at school board meetings and even presented a bill to the Nevada State Legislature—largely thanks to YPP!”


For more information, please email our Youth Justice Organizer, Kathia Sotelo-Calderon at kathia.sotelo@maketheroadnv.org.

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