A sus 19 años, es la primera vez que García participa en una elección, pero como inmigrante mexicano cuya familia pasó años indocumentada, el joven siente como un deber movilizar a su comunidad para que en 2020 haya un cambio.

” Debes tener algo en tu corazón si quieres cambiar. Mi familia es migrante y yo quiero hacer un cambio para que todos tengan oportunidades independientemente de de dónde vengan“, explica mientras avanza por las calles de East Las Vegas con sus amigos Ulises Romero, de 18 años, y David Galván, de 20.

Los tres son miembros de Make The Road Nevada, una organización comunitaria que está tratando de movilizar el voto en el tercer estado en participar en las primarias para elegir al candidato demócrata que se enfrente a Donald Trump en las elecciones del 3 de noviembre….

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The Trump administration has proposed fee changes to the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) applications, increasing the fee on naturalization by almost 200% among others.

By proposing this change, the administration is putting a class barrier on legal pathways of immigration that will disproportionately affect Latinx immigrants. So far, these are proposals but it is been estimated that, if approved the changes could go into effect as soon as March or April of this year. Ultimately, their plan is to take the increased income generated from the immigrant community to fund ICE to continue its terror campaign on our communities. 

The most drastic change in fees is for the naturalization application and the application filed for DACA, which is used when permanent residents meet the time requirement to apply for citizenship. By increasing the fee, it will disenfranchise these immigrants for longer, immigrants that could be using their vote to stand up to anti-immigrant politicians threatening their families and livelihoods. The pathway to citizenship is already full of obstacles, something that’s been referred to in a Times article as an “invisible wall”, with fees and wait times making it almost impossible for some immigrants to do it the “right way”. 

The fees for DACA renewals are subject to change from $495 to $760 if the proposal goes through, the change would cause many to lose their protections due to financial barriers. DACAmented immigrants rely on this work permit to pay bills, mortgages and tuition. Many young DACAmented students don’t qualify for most scholarships or financial aid because of their legal status. Adding this additional financial burden is clearly meant to discriminate against low-income Latinx immigrants. Since last year we have been fundraising to provide DACA renewal scholarships for local DACA recipients, in total we were able to give out 64 scholarships. 

We continue to fight for dignity and respect for immigrants in this country. If you need help with your DACA renewal reach out to us. MRNV has started The Las Vegas Dream Fund specially for DREAMers in Nevada that are not able to pay the fees to renew their DACA application. 


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