The Road to Housing Justice

Nevada has a housing crisis, and it’s not a Reno or Las Vegas-only issue, either. Rather, it’s a statewide concern impacting 45% of Nevadans and their everyday lives. As renting skyrockets, Nevadans are still renting. However, how sustainable can this be?

We at Make the Road Nevada believe in affordable housing for all. We believe in educating and aiding our Nevada community because housing is not a privilege—it’s a right. To ensure success, we provide bilingual affordable housing resources and education, and help with community building for low income, immigrant families.

Our Achievements

  • Helped people with access to homebuyer education, workshops and orientations, along with down payment assistance. 
  • Helped nearly 1,000 families from eviction through the Care Housing Assistance Program (CHAP)
  • Educated more than 4,000 people about evictions and renters rights
  • We’ve accommodated Spanish speakers by translating text on housing issues such as evictions, landlord discrimination, habitability problems, and accommodations for those living with disabilities.

Our Goals

  • Receive assistance in housing counseling, evictions, and rapid rehousing assistance
  • Promote renters keeping their homes and seeking help when needed
  • Build tenant power through: monthly canvassing and courtroom outreach, targeting specific apartment complexes to build power and capacity, and help organize formal complaints, petitions, and direct action to pressure management to address concerns of habitability and housing equity.

View Our Housing Justice Video From October 2019

Housing Justice Resources


If you have any questions about Make the Road Nevada’s Housing Justice campaign or need any assistance, please contact our Housing Justice organizer, Andy Romero at