As the number of COVID-19 rises in our state, according to the latest reports, it’s important to remember to get tested as soon as possible if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Fever 
  • Cough
  • nasal congestion
  • sore or scratchy throat
  • dry cough
  • lower back pain 

The CDC has recently changed its quarantine days from 10 days to 5 days. The shortened quarantine is because the virus occurs early in the course of illness, generally in the 1-2 days prior and to onset of symptoms and the 2-3 days after. Those who have tested positive but aren’t sick can return to work. However, those ill must stay home and no longer receive COVID-19 relief pay.  

“As a working-class, it is hard not to receive relief pay because I live paycheck to paycheck,” said Itzel Hernandez, our Health Equity Organizer. 

Not everyone is asymptomatic, and those who test positive should refrain from going out and remain home to keep others safe and stop the spread of Covid and other variants. 

Many places currently have a three-hour wait period for testing. Be sure to set an appointment with a clinic or pharmacy near you. 




The new Omicron Variant has been said to spread much faster than other variants and tends to be less severe.

Make the Road Nevada strives to inform our community and provide resources during these times. It is important to keep in mind that although the vaccine does not prevent people from getting COVID-19, It does help reduce symptoms, so the illness does not attack the body as aggressively as those who are not vaccinated. 

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for upcoming vaccination clinics, and check out https://www.immunizenevada.org/ for more information.

To learn more and access resources about Covid, check out our website’s resources: https://maketheroadnv.org/resources/


Our offices are closed, but our team will remain available through email at amigxs@maketheroadnv.org or phone at (702) 907-1560. Leave a voicemail with your full name, contact information, and one of our organizers will call you back.

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In a letter sent to Sisolak on Wednesday, a coalition of 60 organizations called on the governor to instead find ways to increase revenue for the state

“Increasing revenue rather than cutting programs and services will not only help Nevadans today; it will also help ensure our economy recovers as soon as possible and will set a stronger foundation to help guard us against future economic downturns,” the letter read.

The group included several progressive organizations, such as Culinary Local 226, SEIU 1107 and Make the Road Nevada. But also signed on were less political groups, like the Food Bank of Northern Nevada and Family Counseling Service of Northern Nevada……

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The Supreme Court decided that the current administration’s attempt to dismantle DACA and its protections was unlawful and struck it down. This victory for the DACAmented community has given us hope and drive to continue the fight for a clear road to citizenship. With this decision, renewals are being accepted, however, with this ruling the fees to do so may rise from the current price of $495. Many folks have lost their jobs and thus renewing the DACA of their children may be out of reach. Given this reality, we ask that you consider donating to our LV Dream Fund to help alleviate the pressures of financial hardship felt in these trying circumstances by our DACAmented families. All of the funds will be used to pay for fees related to renewing and applying for DACA.  http://bit.ly/MRNVdonate


Make The Road Nevada fights for social justice. We stand with immigrants, the DACAmented, the undocumented, the LGBTQIA+ community, the Black community, and the working class. We stand with every community that faces injustices and we fight for our Nevadan community to become a better, more inclusive, and respectful community. Join us in our fight for equality and justice! Follow us on any of our social platforms.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020 Make the Road NV and school personnel joined the Youth Power Project leaders as they gathered in front of Desert Pines High School to combat the school-to-prison pipeline and call for the defunding of the Clark County School District Police Department. Angelica who is part of support staff in an elementary school, her role is to give support to predominantly black and brown elementary students. She recalls some deeply upsetting encounters, like a kid whose father was in jail, and a school assignment he wrote, which was about his biggest wish to see his father again.“In the back of his paper, he drew a picture of himself sitting down having a meal with his Dad. Unfortunately, this is another sad reality expressed by my students, many of them are growing up with their fathers in jail. Sometimes our presence alone represents that stable adult in their lives.”


That is exactly why we are promoting to defund the school police, to break the cycle of minority kids getting into trouble with the law due to school police and not having a stable relationship with their family in the future.


 Adam Allen a former Youth Power Project council member recalled being at school and feeling like he was in prison due to all the police surrounding the courtyard. That is why we must all keep fighting for a police free learning environment and higher investment in school counselors, nurses, and social workers. #DefundSchoolPoliceCCSD #PoliceFreeSchools


Sign your name to our petition to keep our kids in a safe place where they have access to restorative justice, counselors, nurses, and mental health resources and do not have the constant fear of being criminalized and put on the school-to-prison/deportation pipeline by school police. 


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El comité Familias Unidas de Make the Road Nevada compartirán sus historias de la adversidad que están enfrentando en el discurso politico y así asegurarse que su voz sea escuchada el la lucha por la justicia económica. Este comité identificara e impulsara soluciones a las condiciones injustas que afectan a los trabajadores ganando el salario mínimo, padres de familia, empresarios de negocios pequeños, y todo Nevadiense que esta luchando por una mejor calidad de vida.

El Comite Familias Unidas proveerá liderasgo a los miembros de Make the Road Nevada para que tomen una participación fuerte en la sesión Legislativa del 2019. El comité asegurara que las voces de familias y trabajadores mas afectados sean escuchados en la creación de legislación. Nuestra prioridad sera basada en ganar Dias de enfermedad pagados para todos y aumentar el salario mínimo.

únete a nuestro Comité de Familias Unidas para discutir estos temas y más. Niños son bienvenidos y habra comida. Juntos Podemos hacer los cambios que nuestra familias necesitan!

Make the Road Nevada’s Families United committee brings the economic struggles faced by our members to the forefront of the discussion and ensures that working families are the driving voice for our economic justice work. This committee strives to identify and find solutions to the unjust conditions faced by minimum-wage workers, working parents, small business owners, and all those struggling to find balance between paying bills and having a high quality of life.

The Families United Committee will lead our members in playing an active role in the upcoming 80th Legislative Session and ensuring experiences of those most impacted are taken into account when new laws are being created. Our first priorities will be pushing for comprehensive Paid Sick Days legislation and raising the minimum wage.

Join our committee of United Families to discuss these issues and more. Children are welcome and dinner is provided.

Together we can make the changes our families desperately need!

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Metamorfosis de la Mujer 2019
Sanando Nuestras Comunidades Tomando Acción

El objetivo de nuestra conferencia es que las mujeres y las jóvenes aprendan y participen en un diálogo sobre la justicia reproductiva, las modalidades de sanación personal y comunitaria, y el activismo como una herramienta para la liberación.

Habrá cuidado de niños y comida incluidos.
Entrada libre

Metamorphosis of Women 2019
Healing Our Communities Taking Action

The goal of our conference is for women and youth to learn and engage in dialogue about reproductive justice, healing modalities and activism as a tool for liberation.

There will be child care and food included.
Free admission

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Únase a nosotros todos los miércoles para nuestra reunión comunitaria semanal en la oficina de Make the Road Nevada, ubicada en E. Bonanza & Legion Way.

Esta junta esta abierta a cualquier persona interesada en escuchar y que esté dispuesta a tener una discusión honesta y respetuosa con los problemas que enfrentan nuestra comunidad de Las Vegas. La necesidad de tener días de enfermedad pagados, vivienda asequible, un salario mínimo más alto, derechos de los inmigrantes, derechos de las mujeres y proteccion del medio ambiente son solo algunos de los temas que discutimos. De vez en cuando tendremos un invitado, representante local o estata. Unanse a nuestra reunión para darles la oportunidad de escuchar nuestras historias y conocer a las personas que los representan.

Nuestras reuniones son siempre amigables y puede traer a sus hijos, siempre tenemos una deliciosa comida de cortesía para todos los que asisten. ¡Así que ven con un buen apetito y con hambre por justicia! La reunión es principalmente en español con traductores de inglés siempre presentes.

Para mayor información contactar a: Jose Macias 702-624-8084

Join us every Wednesday for our weekly Community Meeting at the Make the Road Nevada office, located on E. Bonanza & Legion Way.

Open to the public for anyone interested in hearing and willing to have an honest and respectful discussion with issues facing our Minority and Latinx Las Vegas Community. The need for having paid sick days, affordable housing, a higher minimum wage, immigrant rights, women’s rights, and clean air are only some of the topics that we discuss. From time to time we will have a special invited local or state elected official guest join our meeting to give them an opportunity to hear our stories and meet the people they represent.

Our meetings are always children friendly and we always have delicious complimentary food for everyone that attends. So, come with an appetite for food and justice! The meeting is primarily in Spanish with English translators always present.

For more information contact: Jose Macia 702-624-8084

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